sessions & classes

All classes are focused on the progressive nature of original Classical Pilates — guiding clients to strengthen and stretch their way to a tighter, stronger, fitter and more flexible self. Instruction is very individually focused and classes are purposely kept small. Our instructors are rigorously trained and certified to work with the least active client as well as the competitive athlete who’s looking for strenuous enhancement. We know bodies and how they work.


Private Sessions

Private sessions are one-on-one workouts with an instructor and the best way for new clients to begin a practice. Each session is tailored to personal needs and goals utilizing all the Pilates apparatus.

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Duet Sessions

Two participants with one instructor. This type of session is best when two clients are at the same level in their Pilates practice. This is a great option for those who know their bodies, understand the exercises and are familiar with the equipment.

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Tower Classes

Tower classes are a combination of work on the mat and work with spring tension from an apparatus known in Pilates as the Cadillac. This is a fun and challenging way to work on strengthening, stretching and toning with other clients in a semi-private class. Darien Pilates maintains three Towers.


Mat Classes

The cornerstone of Joseph Pilates’ method, the traditional mat-work has 34 tried and true exercises. We keep our classes limited to 6 participants so that we can give proper instruction and attention to everyone. Mats and other equipment will be provided.