Darien Pilates has more than a twelve-year history teaching
the classical method of exercise as originally designed,
developed and taught by Joseph Pilates.

  Emphasis is on a strong mind/body connection and reflects Joseph Pilates’ underlying belief that the body is meant to be strong, flexible and agile by design. Classical Pilates is purposeful, precise and very detailed.  Several benefits help to set our studio above the rest and keep our clients feeling connected and returning for workouts. 


Our Studio is quiet and private. A cut above due to:

  • The advanced level of teacher training and certification

  • A wide range of “state of the art” equipment

  • Our professionalism and dedication to quality one on one and small class instruction 

  • A space specifically designed to help our clients achieve their fitness goals 

  • A warm and encouraging community of dedicated clients who have been with us for years

  • Most importantly, we teach this powerful method to people open to working out their bodies in a more mindful and focused way.