Claudia’s journey with Pilates started over sixteen years ago when she spent a weekend immersed in learning the Pilates mat work. Everything about it clicked for her in those two days she spent working out. Health and fitness had always been an important part of her life.  She took many years of dance and practiced yoga for years as well, but Pilates resonated with her more than any other method of exercise. The precision, detail, and depth of the method were connections like nothing she had ever experienced before.  So, after many years of being the student, Claudia made the decision to go through a rigorous training program in the Classical method of Pilates. She spent over a year in NYC as an apprentice. With over 700 hours in lessons, observation and training combined, she received her certification with Romana’s Pilates in 2007.

Claudia has many years of experience teaching clients of all ages and abilities. She brings passion, intuition and inspiration to every session and class she teaches. Always the student wanting to learn and progress, Claudia takes lessons regularly and attends workshops as often as her busy schedule allows. In her own practice she is consistently reminded of how powerful Classical Pilates is for her. Her hope is to impart that connection and knowledge to her clients.

Dana Nelson

Dana Nelson found her lifetime passion for Pilates in 1995. Dana was working at Conde Nast Publications in NewYork as a photography director when she started taking Pilates twice a week and was soon hooked. Several years later, after moving to Connecticut, Dana decided to make Pilates a career. She became a certified teacher of The Pilates Method in 2009 by the United States Pilates Association at 2nd Generation Master Teacher SimonaCipriani’s Art of Control Studio.

Since her certification, Dana has taught at several studios in Westchester and Fairfield Counties. Currently, she can be found at Darien Pilates, where she has taught since 2010, and she also works at studios in Westport, Meadow Ridge Senior Living, and at her home studio.

Over the years, Dana has continued to enrich her knowledge and skills in Pilates through frequent continuing education workshops and conferences, studying with such legendary teachers as Mejo Wiggin, Brett Howard, Brooke Siler, Alycea Ungaro, Kathy Ross Nash, Simona Cipriani, Blossom Leilani Crawford, Michael and Ton and many more. She is always looking to build on her knowledge to enhance the Pilates experience of her clients and better serve their individual needs and goals.

John McCarthy

John was introduced to Pilates a decade ago at the New School University, where he took a semester-long class taught by Pam Pardi. He loved the class so much that he began taking private sessions with Pam. A lifelong hockey player, John was strong but tight. Finding his Powerhouse (core muscles) helped John loosen his hip flexors and balance his strength.

After completing the intensive 800 hour Romana’s Pilates certification program, John taught in both New York City and Connecticut, working with a wide range of clients, from fashion designers, to athletes, to academics. Known for his trademark flow and dynamic energy, John now guest teaches internationally throughout the year.

Joanne Goldstein

Joanne Goldstein is a classically trained USPA certified Pilates instructor. She has been teaching for 10 years and is still in love with Pilates and enjoys sharing her passion with her others. Joanne is a mother of 3 grown children and has been married for 35 years. She enjoys working out and in addition to Pilates, does yoga and weight training, but is willing to try almost anything once. She is a creative teacher, thinking out of the box when she needs to and tries to be firm, fun and patient with all her students.

Kathy Gustafson

Kathy studied Pilates at The Art of Control under teacher Simona Cipriani, a second generation master teacher in the Pilates Method. Upon completion of the program she was certified as a Pilates instructor in the Authentic Pilates Method in mat and apparatus instruction. 

In her own practice she continues to take lessons from Simona Cipriani and Christina Gregori to maintain an advanced level of Pilates in her own body.  She also attends workshops to enhance her knowledge and teaching of the method. 

Kathy is a registered nurse and has a B.A. in health care administration. She worked for a number of years in hospital nursing. She sees Pilates as an optimal method to maintain a healthy body, for rehabilitation after injuries, and to improve physical fitness in order to participate in other sports.